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Archival  Producing 

Over the years of creating my own films, my appreciation for archival film has deepened. There's something magical about observing people and communities of times gone by; it's the closest we can get to time travel. I love the moment when a piece of archive, so significant that it transforms the direction of the edit, is discovered. Since 2020, I've also been moonlighting as an Archival Producer when not working on my personal projects. Here are some of the recent highlights from my work in this role.

The Secrets of Hillsong

FX / Hulu

 With depth and clarity of reporting + exclusive access, “The Secrets of Hillsong” is a  4-part documentary series offers new insights into a still-evolving global story of power, corruption, greed and ultimately, reckoning.

Monster Factory


Welcome to The World Famous Monster Factory, a school where spandex-clad misfits escape the confines of everyday life to chase the dream of going pro.

A Photographic Memory

Feature Length Documentary

A daughter attempts to piece together a portrait of her mother, an avant-garde journalist and a woman she never knew. Uncovering the vast archive Sheila Turner-Seed produced, including lost interviews with iconic photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gordon Parks, and Lisette Model, the film explores memory, legacy and stories left untold.

Archival Templates

Google Sheets

Getting started with a new Archival project and want to be set up for success?  I've created Archival Ingest Tracker and Cue Sheet templates to ensure you stay on top of your archival assets.

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