When I was six years old, my Japanese father and Irish-American mother took me to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial in Hawaii. When I saw the wreckage of the USS Arizona, I was shocked to learn that the two countries that I belonged to had once been at war with each other. Today, my experience of growing up as a multiracial Japanese x American has manifested a desire to tell stories that bridge cultures and overcome barriers of racial and ethnic differences. 

In 2013, I independently co-directed and produced the feature documentary film, “Hafu—the mixed-race experience in Japan”, which went on to screen theatrically throughout Japan and aired in the United States on PBS. It won the Best Documentary award at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival in 2013. In 2015, I produced "Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight: The Japanese War Brides"  which won numerous short documentary awards and aired globally on BBC World News. Most recently, I directed and produced a short film for Blue Chalk Media about the Japanese American internment experience during WWII entitled “Minidoka” which was published by TIME magazine.


I am currently directing my next feature documentary. "Sono" is the untold story about the first Asian American ballerina. Please visit www.sonoosatofilm.com to learn more.

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